Welcome to my website PollyStitches. I am an obsessive maker of things, everything really, a mindset that developed when I was young and anyone who knows me now assumes "I made it". I trained as a jeweller and silversmith at Glasgow School of Art although that seems like another lifetime ago, and went into teaching Art to secondary aged children, but if I'm honest I much prefer what I do now. I have been teaching adults patchwork and quilting now since about 2004. This was born out of my obsession with patchwork and being asked to teach a group. I think I can probably say I stitch every day. It isn't a job for me, making is a way of life. Our garage was converted many years ago now, into my workroom. It's where you will find me most days if I'm not teaching and is filled to the gunnels with samples, quilts and fabric.

Our garden shed was converted for my daughter as a little studio space away from the house (in lockdown) but she has relocated and my plan is to make that my jewellery and glass studio. I have a love of stained glass and it isn't something that sits well in a sewing studio, nor does a jewellers bench - so I am looking forward to setting that up.

I am looking forward to sharing projects that I am working on through his website.