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This time last year I was busier than I really wanted to be. I think that because I knew some projects I was working on had end dates I got on with it and enjoyed the challenge they created, but I can't lie... when weekends didn't exist and days and weeks literally rolled into each other, there were times when stepping off the carousel and simply sitting and reading a book in the garden would have been lovely. I actually spent no time in my garden last year. I tidied it in spring and cleared it in early winter! We even turfed our veggie patch, well most of it. I kept the fruit bushes.

Fast forward to a year later and who would have thought! All my face to face teaching stopped, and what started - at the beginning - just feeling like "oh its the holidays" went on and on and on. The old stitchy bug ceased to be honest, I sewed very little. Started several things but let them fall away. Instead I pottered in the garden. What an unexpected joy. I don't think it has been quite so tidy since the children were younger.

...and by the way, the little dog loved everyone being home and around her, sharing the walking and feeding.

With Mr H working from home it has given us a very different routine. It has made the empty nest thing not really an issue, and it has made me alter my own computer / sewing machine time. I have finished a few things off lately and have a few other things in the pipeline, which I am enjoying incredibly.

Last year I decided to make myself a cagoule based on an old favourite from when I was a child. So I purchased a non-english pattern and thought "what's going to be hard about that" .. a lot in fact.. so I bought the Merchant and Mills Landgate pattern and (did my usual) "few little alterations" even though I am no expert in dressmaking. All in all I am truly delighted. As usual with Merchant and Mills patterns, it was very straightforward to follow. I used their dry oilskin. Dry oilskin is surprisingly easy to use, so long as you follow the rules, don't iron it, don't pin it and try not to make mistakes and have to unpick. So I used a white patchwork marking pen, finger pressing is easy peasy with oilskin, and so are fine patchwork pins - so long as you only place them in the seam allowance - or just use patchwork binding clips!

Then once the cagoule was done and dusted and being worn every day! I chopped up some sweep scrims linen and whipped up the Fielder top... on a roll or what! I have a M&M voucher and I think I'm going to make another fielder. I just have to decide what in! I also have plans for Christmas, so I will need to get sorted for that - homemade Christmas!

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