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Reigniting the Blog

If I had had the benefit of hindsight, I may well have sat down some months ago when not much else was happening - and made a start on this. It is a well known factor of life that hindsight doesn't exist, which is why we as humans sometimes think " well if I'd known that was going to happen I would have.." Anyway, as I tell me children and wholly mean it, this lockdown business has had us all upside down and non-functioning at different points, there is no point in thinking back on wasted opportunities.

it was plain old rubbish and very draining and we are where we are at now.

And so here I am setting up a website with pages and buttons and plans afoot. It has taken all afternoon and at the beginning it was fun and interesting. In the middle it was annoyingly irritating. Three quarters of the way in, when I was getting a few lessons on "how to" it seemed to make sense and later on it feels like I'm getting somewhere - except I know I need to spend a couple of weeks housekeeping it all to settle it on and get into a groove.

But here I am and the incentive may well be the chicks flying the roost. I have not got any face to face classes starting back up yet, watching and waiting

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