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Well I did really well setting up this malarky (with the assistance of No 1 D).. then we were caught up taking her to London. There comes a time in most parents lives when their children leave home and although it can be the saddest of occasions - as Mr H put it "it's the end of a certain part of family life" - it is also incredibly exciting. We are chuffed to bits that herself has been brave enough to do it and also excited for what will be ahead for her. I mean come on...moving to London with her beau, not tied down to a mortgage etc. Living somewhere that offers so many interesting opportunities. So it was with mixed emotions that we packed up the car and off we went. Then we came home and cleaned and tidied "the room". What a joy to open the door and see carpet, smell fresh air and have an empty washing basket!!

So then I came back and began to plan a quilt design to work with a group over this next session. I have been Zooming patchwork classes online and getting used to the way it works. Thats not to say it isn't without its hiccups, but I am getting there and with "the room" tidied, it's white walls and table offer a terrific studio - and I don't have to clear it away like I have had to at the kitchen table.

That particular project I shall discuss at a later date - I will have to start making it - but I'm not going to lie I am quilt excited. I have spent a fair bit of time over the years designing and writing patterns and using the Creative Cloud to assist. I probably only use an Nth of what I have at my finger tips but I'm pretty happy with that. I have way more Creative Tourettes going on in my head than my fingers are able for but with every project I am improving and learning so that is a good thing. The more you practice the better you get - that is more than an obvious statement.

We had some great fun last week on Zoom creating little landscapes. I basically photoshopped a picture together for the group to turn into a fabric collage. It had to be a simple image that was a good starting point. What a good idea for Christmas gifts etc...

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