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Switching the sewing machine on for the first time this year (and this blog business).

I did, I have, albeit briefly on the 10 January, switched my machine on and used it! I made two little 5" house blocks. January always brings the thought in my head, well it goes like this...

... ok so there are 52 weeks in a year, if I make two a week that's 104... I've cut all those strips for the long planned log cabin quilt for my bed (no cheaty wide strips). I'v always wanted a log cabin in "proper" narrow strips, red, white and blue and I have indeed a bag of 1 1/4" strips cut. I should do that!

... ok so there are 52 weeks in a year, if I make two a week that's 104... so I have cut windows and doors for 104 little house blocks, because I absolutely love house block quilts. I have one, it's big and fits my bed - it's half quilted! (theme here). I should do that!

I should do both! and it's a great little side line to the rest of what's going on, let's face it what else is there to do?!

There are other things to do though. In the autumn of last year, I began a Zoom group where I had everyone making a sampler quilt that I designed. The frustrations of not being able to work with people face to face over last year was really difficult. Some weeks you get used to it, some weeks you just want to get on with normal commitments. Anyway, I drew up the quilt and using two cameras (hark at me) we had real fun having a go at Zoom classes. I actually really enjoyed it. It gave me a focus and in turn gave me the incentive to take my pages of patterns, diagrams and samples and do what I always talk about but never have the time to learn the skills... put it into a book. So that has been keeping me busy. Although staring at a screen for ages isn't fun, and sitting down too much through each day isn't fun either. It has increased my skills on the old Creative Cloud though and I whipped my little 5" Village House block into a free pattern that I have attached to this web site. This is the pattern I am using for my two blocks a week... Polly Stitches a Village in 2021 basically.

Last year I made myself a Merchant and Mills Landsgate jacket/cagoule. When I was small I had a fab blue cagoule, I loved that front pocket! Then they went out of fashion, not de rigueur for the teenage style of the time - annoyingly. Then cagoules came back when my children were little and so I definitely got them for them! Then I saw this pattern and that was that... one navy oilskin cagoule for me - slight pattern hack, adding the essential front pocket and shortening it. The "EURIKA!" I ordered a fab box full of oilskin and set about making Christmas presents for the household. They each knew I was making "a cagoule" but A thought it was for B, B thought it was for C, C thought it was for D... and so it went on. It was a crazy sweat shop! I wrapped each one up in a different shaped box - and I must be a good liar because I was promising, oh yes if I have time I will make you one in the new year! Anyway what a right old brilliant opening of gifts and surprised faces.

Then I switched off my machine and we enjoyed our Christmas, which was different for various reasons. We still brought the guitars out for Hogmanay, this year there was a cello too! I finished the delayed jumper for the No2 D (delayed because I couldn't knit in front of her once she returned from the student flat). Helped No1 D's Swedish beau knit, he made a brilliant scarf for his first knit.

Then... I got my hands on some Rowan Tweed before the lock down after Christmas. I began knitting myself a fair isle tank top the is basically the reason I've not sewn much. No sewing whilst watching tv in the evening, I've been plugging away with my knitting and I'm loving it.

I thought it would take me a lot longer than it has. Having said that, it still might... I have to knit in "steeks" and then cut into my knitting once I have finished it!! Exactly. watch this space...

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