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Times they are a changing

These two...

Mr H and I sat on a bench in a park three days ago. We had walked the little dog around it and since it was so warm we took a seat by the pond, and sat whilst the world passed by. We played a bit of a game which I highly recommend... it's the Eavesdrop Game. You sit with a notebook (looking like you are lost in your own world) and every time someone passes by you listen to the passing conversation and write it down. You end up with quite a few funny snippets... in theory you then try and make up a story using the phrases that have been captured. We didn't at this point but I'm digressing...

A younger than us man passed by pushing a pram with a little red-headed baby in it. It took my breath away for a moment. There we were little old dog in tow having just dropped the No2 D at her student flat. No1 D went to London last month... 23 years ago I was pushing the pram with the red-head, how quickly has that gone!

And so now (yes starting with the word "AND".. I know).. And so now, my phone won't let me do anything because it is full... its screaming at me to empty the photos and videos.. and update it. So I find myself trawling through practically two years (maybe more) of photos.. inspirational snaps.. funny snaps.. dog snaps.. dogs dressed up snaps.. days out.. holidays.. graduation (thank goodness the year before lockdown!) and smiling. Isn't that the great thing about phones... because they are always on your person, you get to capture so much.

All of these snaps are there in my pocket to peruse at a whim, but if I put them onto the computer, update the phone.. do a tidy up then I don't have them to flick through so closely at hand. I know I can sign into the cloud, go onto the computer, I just like swiping (hence the two years worth build up).

Anyway, watch me plug the phone in, update, clear... times they are a changing... we are childless - physically. The true benefit of technology is you can pester said children with new snaps of little dog, little dog dressed up and very old "photo album" snaps of days gone by. Don't get me wrong, I am one of those happy mums, my children are on to the next part of their lives and I am excited for them, happy for them and excited to help when needed, pester when not! Find those boundaries... #mumstopit Roll on and here we go for the next bit.

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